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Christmas Tree Delivery and Installation Services in Virginia

Our Story

LiveTree4Me was created with the sole purpose of relieving some of the stresses of the holiday by delivering, cutting, and installing live Christmas trees in your home or office.

Years ago we discovered clients opt out on the live tree simply because of the amount of work that goes into it. You have to find the right place, the right tree, strap it to the top of your nice car, carry the sappy tree inside, and finally then set it up. Buying a Christmas tree can be stressful for the average family, and a live Christmas tree even more so. We have spent much time delivering to military bases where some do not have cars or unable to leave, widows who are physically unable to get there own tree, yet deeply desire one, and people who live with serious disability or illness. And this is where my passion comes in for my LiveTree4Me service!

Our Services

We deliver and install a designer quality tree to your home or office. All trees are Frasier Firs that range from 6 - 13 feet. For trees of larger size please contact us prior. Upon delivery, we hand cut 1-2 inches off stump to open pores, then install the tree in your tree stand (tree stands can be provided for an additional fee). This will allow tree to absorb water as quickly as possible for a fresh tree the entire Christmas season.

Our Prices

All prices include delivery and install.

Tree Only
Size Price
6-7ft $134.00
7-8ft $154.00
9-10ft $280.00
11-13ft $425.00
With Lighting
Size Price
6-7ft $200.00
7-8ft $235.00
9-10ft $395.00
11-13ft $585.00
Size Price
6-7ft $35.00
7-8ft $35.00
9-10ft $55.00
11-13ft $150.00


We do accept PayPal and all major credit cards. Credit card purchases are subject to a 3.75% processing fee.

Yes, with certain restrictions. Stands provided by the client need to be up to date and the appropriate size for tree. LiveTree4Me is not responsible for any damages that may occur from tree falling over or out of tree stands. We reserve the right to not use your stand for any reason.

We offer premium frasier firs that are between 6 - 13 feet. Please allow additional time for trees over 10 feet.

Deliveries are between 7am and 10pm, and are subject to a 2-4 hour window. We strive to be on time but please allow for extra time allotted by being available during the entirety of the delivery window.

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Based out of Catlett, VA

(540) 429-2673